"It's about the journey, not the destination." That's something I've always been told but being a choreographer has put this in an entirely new perspective. These past few months I've hired many dancers, choreographed them and sent them on their way to experience tour together. They get to develop bonds and friendships that last a lifetime; they travel all over until they have their last show at the final destination (insert movie pun here). As a choreographer, I don't get to experience this. But that's why the journey is so important, because that is all I have as a choreographer. I don't get to experience tour, or travel with my friends. What I have is the process, the rehearsals, the hard work and sweat that goes into creating. Sometimes you have to appreciate the journey because it's all you have, but for those of you who get to experience the destination, ENJOY it enough for the both of us.

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